4 Star Review for Brillig Fringe Show

Well shucks! One Adelaide Fringe Festival performance down, one to go, and our show “A Night in Nashville” has already been gifted with a lovely 4 star review from The Clothesline, and some more fine comments from Rip It Up. Very pleased indeed.

Now, we haven’t shared these links on social media yet because – BEWARE:

**THERE ARE SPOILERS in the full reviews**

So if you’re going to the final show on the 28th, maybe hold off reading the full reviews/clicking the links if you want to keep the surprises intact…

But below are some key, spoiler-free phrases that kept us smiling.

From The Clothesline:  4 Stars

“A celebration of all things Nashville”

“the new Brillig songs are excellent and stand up well against the other songs being played.”

“all of the expected names show up at some point. However the show is saved from being a nostalgia fest by including the original songs and also songs by people who currently work from Nashville…”

“special guests, including Aliese Millington (AKA Leigh Stardust), Tristan Newsome and Beej Barker who each add their magic to the celebration. As might be expected from a Brillig gig, detailed attention has been paid to the costumes and attractive merchandise table.”


From Rip It Up: 3 1/2 Stars

“A good balance of iconic country tracks with unknown gems”

“an enjoyable balance of their own original work related to their love of Nashville, and the country genre it represents with covers of the music that made Music City so famous”

“The core ensemble of Matt Swayne, Elizabeth Reid, and Denni Meredith brought skill and passion in equal amounts to their performances, and their guest performers were outstanding”


Thanks for the support!

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