Bring me a bourbon at midnight, to take the edge off of my dreams…

Well that’s one way of dealing with a ‘freight train through your head’!

Brillig’s latest live video is another smokey speakeasy inspired song that offers a simple request, plea…or demand!
Microsoft Word - BRING ME A BOURBON AT MIDNIGHT copyright E Rei

The LYRICS > explain why

But it’s bourbon, do you really need a reason?



Written on Brillig’s previous trip to Nashville TN, it references a new discovery they encountered in a bar – not far from Jack White’s Third Man Records, in fact – and one that they developed a taste for immediately:



Yep, Tennessee’s own brew, “Old Hickory”. You can bet Brillig will stock up when they’re next in Nashville (sooooon).

In the meantime, let this song inspire you to whet your whistle!


Filmed by Ashley Starkey
Live at the Grace Emily Hotel for Brillig’s award-winning Speakeasy show
Sound: George  Mixing: Denni Meredith
Song: Brillig  Lyrics: Elizabeth Reid

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