By Demand – Windward Bound!


Hey Friends, Fans and General Jabberwocks!

We’ve had a few enquiries lately about a song called “Windward Bound”, the closing track on our “I Ain’t Ever Gonna See The Sea” album.

Although we do have plans to put the LP’s tracks on YouTube, we’ve been distracted by a bunch of shiny gigs lately!

But lo and behold, a version has appeared in tribute thanks to Ja Jce, which you can ‘watch’ (or mainly listen to) here:

As for those of you asking for lyrics, they do indeed appear in the liner notes for the album, along with the pretty artwork and all the other song lyrics too! If you want a hard copy, hit us up here.

We’ll ship it (excuse the pun) anywhere in the world for free – no kidding! Just ask our fans in Russia and South America!

In the meantime, here are the Windward Bound lyrics, by Elizabeth Reid.

Obviously a ‘song of the sea’, this lament tells the story of an orphaned sailor, born into a life they didn’t choose. While they long for a different horizon, they wear a brave face and do the best they can with their fate. Ultimately, it is a song about hope.

Thanks for the interest, and enjoy!

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