final new single in ‘cautionary tales’ series


For the last 18 months Brillig has been releasing a series of “Singles”, with each 3 x song release featuring new music plus a handful of our favourite covers.

It’s a disparate collection of songs, but each in the series fits well within its own theme, from the death-riddled Crew of the Damned to the Wild West stylings of Ghost Riders in the Sky, and one dedicated to our love affair with Nashville, Ballad of the Ryman.


Now, the fourth and final release in the series is being launched as part of our Xmas Spectacular show on 6th Dec.  Introducing “At the Floating Palais.”

This 3 track recording features 2 songs from our Adelaide songwriting series, and there’s also a bonus 3rd track from a very special studio…

It also continues the theme of cover art that showcases original paintings by Charlie Roberts – such a legend!!
“At the Floating Palais” and “The Butcher’s Beer” were written for a unique Adelaide Songs project that culminated in some amazing concerts at Ayers House & most recently, the Clare Valley Music Fest. They’ve worked their way into our Brillig set too, and in recorded form they have added talents of violin superstar Emma Woolcock on Palais, and the magic of Zac Coligan (pictured, of The Jade fame) who coaxes some incredible sounds from his singing saw on Butcher’s.

The 3rd track is the dainty “Harmless”, in its most stripped back version – ie. just Elizabeth’s vocals and uke! Why so sparse? It was all we could fit into Jack White’s vinyl recording booth

This famous novelty booth is based at Third Man Records in Nashville and has hosted some big names –  including Neil Young. The record gets pressed right in front of you, and the result has an old-timey and slightly wonky – but- charming sound.

Hard copies of the CD singles are ONLY available at gigs in limited editions. However – in good news for our overseas friends – we’re compiling them into a handy digital LP too which you can access from anywhere in the world. Merry Christmas!

Look for the compilation “Cautionary Tales” on iTunes etc after our Dec 6th launch.


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