New Live Video invites you to “Speakeasy”

Hey Buddy, wanna a bad habit….?

So begins the opening track of Brillig’s Speakeasy set, to entice you off the couch this winter.

Having swept up a Adelaide Fringe “Best Music” Weekly Award during the show’s debut earlier this year, we couldn’t help but get those drinks pouring again for a reprise!

Our latest happy hour happens during “Umbrella – Winter City Sounds“, a city-wide, 3 week FESTIVAL of music and also an official part of the prestigious Adelaide Guitar Festival’s “Guitars in Bars” series.

If you wanna know what to expect, this little ole’ LIVE VIDEO will give you a taste of our very own gin joint. WARNING: it may make you very thirsty….  You can keep track of all the name-checked  beverages with the handy LYRICS (jpg)

LIVE VIDEO : “Speakeasy With Me”
Filmed live at the Grace Emily Hotel, February 2016.
Video: Ash Starkey     Sound: George     Mix: Denni Meredith

This is just one of Brillig’s original songs, designed specifically to entice you into our Speakeasy! You’ll also hear cautionary tales, more drinking odes, a tip of the hat to the 1920s – both USA’s prohibition & Germany’s decadence at the time, blending enchanting Americana with Weimar-era cabaret. These songs themselves filled with sinners, saints, dancers, drinkers and those who are looking only for redemption. Read more about the show here.


Brillig’s Speakeasy
Saturday 23 July

Grace Emily Hotel – 232 Waymouth St Adelaide
Doors 4:30pm  |  Show 5pm SHARP  |  Ends 6:10pm
Limited seating

Join us for pre-dinner cocktails made just for the occasion.






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