Jun 18 2012

Brillig on Instagram

BRILLIG ON INSTAGRAM It was inevitable…Brillig is now on Instagram! Find us listed as “brillig_oz” and follow along for fun photos from our shows, rehearsals, and other shenanigans….

Jun 18 2012

Song Blog Starting!

  SONG-BLOG: Tragedy Befalls a Cowboy Since our show at Whitmore Square Arts Fair in March 2012, Brillig’s been taking a break from the stage and keeping busy…

Jun 18 2012

GIG: Friday 13 July

FRIDAY 13TH JULY – SAVE THE DATE! Brillig has a whole heap of new ‘cowboy songs’ to reveal, so what better date than FRIDAY THE 13TH JULY ….

Brillig is honoured to be part of a new songwriting project at the Semaphore Music Fest.: Semaphore Songs Project. Along with a group of standout local acts, we…