Cautionary Tales (MP3s)


Compilation – Released Dec 2015
9 original tracks, 2 covers
Cowboy Ballads, Sea Shanties, Modern Folk, Americana


Product Description

From sea shanties to cowboy ballads, a dash of Nashville + a bit of Swing, Americana/Folk trio Brillig offer light, shade & a lot mischief in their collection of 4 x mini releases: 11 tracks now compiled exclusively for a digital album “Cautionary Tales.”

This special compilation includes all 4 ‘single releases’ from 2014-2015 (limited edition hard copies of these releases are only available at gigs).

For details on the single releases and tracks included in the compilation, see:

800-PALAIS-COVERAt the Floating Palais >

800-RYMAN_singlecover-frontNashville Now / Ballad of the Ryman >

800-GhostRidersCDCoverGhost Riders in the Sky >

800-CREWSINGLE_frontcover_cropped_finalCrew of the Damned >


Cautionary Tales is also available on iTunes >