Tasting Notes to Tantalise Your Musical Tastebuds


So here’s the brief background: Brillig have been picked to be part of the massive ‘Coopers Alive‘ festival this year (with 28 bands over 4 nights and 8 venues). We’re doing an ‘acoustic’ showcase with The Timbers and Self Preservation Society, at the Wheatsheaf Hotel (Sat 16 October). We’ve all lovingly titled it “Silence can be like Thunder” (which is a line from Bob Dylan’s ‘Lovesick’), because we feel that represents our musical styles. Ticket holders get a free exclusive CD, souvenir playbill and chance to win a double pass to WOMAD’s Friday night concerts. Oh, and the bands will be playing a special ‘all-in’ version of ‘Lovesick’ at the end of the evening- rocking out to Bob! There’s a full press release, Advertiser Article and more info/links from http://www.brillig.com.au/gigs.htm.

The event is sponsored by – you guessed it – Coopers Brewery, and as an homage to the kind Coopers folks, we’ve come up with some ‘TASTING NOTES’ for the evening, so you can drink your favourite brew and get set for some songs of light & shade:

Self Preservation Society is the Coopers Dark Ale of the three acts. With an imposing stage presence for a one man band, the Self Preservation Society combines the dark look of the man in black with the rich lyricism and dark humour of Nick Cave, to be served as an aperitif for this evening of thunderous silence…

The Timbers bring the Coopers Sparkling Ale to the table with bright notes and high energy reminiscent of such folk rock bands as Mumford and Sons or even the Pouges. They’ll make you feel like you’re at an Irish bar on the porch enjoying a coastal breeze brushing over your body as you dance away into the evening…

Rounding out this fine evening of sampling are gothic-folk trio Brillig, the Coopers Pale Ale of the evening. Don’t be fooled by their pale complexion, as the lyrical depth and storytelling clout displayed by Brillig have the same depth of flavour to a Coopers Stout. A wonderful presentation will have you ordering another round before you know it.”

Raise your glass!

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